Where to Look for Inspiration for Motion Designers

Where to Look for Inspiration for Motion Designers

I wanted to talk about Where to Look for Inspiration for Motion Designers. Please note that we are looking for inspiration, we do not copy other people’s work, do not plagiarize or engage in piracy.


Stocks are where motion designers sell their work. We can look at various works there. There you can find graphic animation, character animation, shape animation, text animation, promotional videos and much more. We are interested in the work of professionals, we will watch videos of their projects and try to repeat it ourselves in After Effects. This way we will have practice and sources of inspiration. See the work of professionals.

The most popular stocks today are: videohive, rocketstock, pond5. You can find even more stocks, but as for me, one videohive is more than enough for you. I remind you, do not copy or steal other people’s work, get inspired and learn from the pros.

Where to Look for Inspiration for Motion Designers

Video hosting

There are two video hosting sites youtube and vimeo. We are interested in Vimeo, because there we can find trending videos, new directions in motion design, new trends. Look for the work of professionals, look at reels, there are a lot of them. See reels, animation, motion graphics. You can directly write in the search what you want to find. Also on Vimeo everything is divided into very convenient categories.

Social networks

You can find great work on popular social networks among motion designers. The main ones are: behance (portfolio of creative people), pinterest, dribble. Build your portfolio, follow interesting topics, find work to your liking. A very great source of not only inspiration but also the opportunity to look at the work of professionals.

Freelance services

Freelance services are not only a source of income for motion designers, but also a source of inspiration. Visit popular freelance services and look at the work of the best authors among animators and motion designers.


Can’t find inspiration? Go to Google, watch videos and study images of what the search engine will give you. Learn and be inspired.

English-language blogs and websites about design

There are many English-language blogs about motion design, animation, illustration. There you can find professional work, trends and many articles to improve your design skills. An example of an interesting blog and service where a motion designer can find a lot of interesting things: BoberWorld