How Motion Designer Sell Your Works on Stocks

How Motion Designer Sell Your Works on Stocks

How Motion Designer Sell Your Works on Stocks – You can sell your templates and motion graphics made in the following programs: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Davinci, Apple Motion, Final Cut.

VideoHive – you can sell exclusive templates for a certain amount. Exclusive? This means you won’t be able to sell the same template anywhere else except VideoHive.

MotionArray is sold by subscription, which means you cannot set a price for your template. You get money for downloading your template.

Envato Elements, the main competitor of MotionArray, works in much the same way.

There are Motion Elements and Pond5 sites.

There is a certain formula that will make it more likely that your template will be accepted. This formula goes something like this: Trendiness + Animation Quality + Visual Quality + Customer Usability + Non-plagiarism. You should pay attention to the optimization of the project, because the client most often does not have the most powerful computer.
Let’s take the formula one by one.

Trendiness – the project should be in trend, which means that it should not give away something from the past styles that were a few years ago. The project should be stylish, fresh and unique.

Animation quality is an important component, you need to pay attention to this part. Animation should be smooth and clean. There should be no errors that will be conspicuous. Animation should be with good timing and easing. Animation should match the design and visual part of your project.

The visual part – the design of your project should be stylish and look good. It must be tasteful in order to attract new customers.

Ease of use – the buyer should easily replace the photo, logo, text, colors and parameters in your project. You must use controllers so that the client can customize the project for themselves. Also, the help included in the project will allow the client to quickly understand the structure and use of your project.

Non-plagiarism – do not mindlessly copy other people’s work. this is bad and punishable by bans.

Optimization – Optimize your project so it doesn’t take long to render. Pre-render complex elements (particles for example), but leave the client with a version of the project without a pre-render, so that he can modify it at will. Optimize the structure of your project, keep an eye on effects, blending modes and expressions.