Tips for Beginner Motion Designers

In this article, we are going to give some Tips for Beginner Motion Designers.

Tips for Beginner Motion Designers

Tip #1 Don’t Pirate

At the beginning, at the learning stage, not everyone can afford to buy a font, graphics, photo or video files for money. But using pirated files is not an option. You can use free and legal fonts. Piracy in itself is not a very pleasant and good thing, it should be avoided, and generally not worth doing. For many, this is a habit, or simply a lack of money, but you should set yourself the goal of not using pirated files, courses, or software. And one of the steps to this is to stop downloading pirated files of graphics, fonts, photos and videos. It is not very correct to use pirated files, since you will not respect other people’s work, and accordingly your work will not be respected either, and you will not be able to demand adequate money for your work and work, since you yourself do not pay for other people’s work and work, to In addition, the use of pirated files is illegal. Any service, work that you receive or use must be paid. If your work contains pirated graphics for which you have not paid, this is fraught with damage to your reputation, or claims from the author.

There are many free fonts, illustrations, photos, videos, graphics, music, sounds that you can use for commercial purposes absolutely free. At first, this can serve as an alternative to paid files, and you can safely use them in your work. To find such files, you can simply type in Google something like this phrase “Free fonts for commercial use” (Free fonts for commercial use) or, for example, “Free music for commercial use”, or “No copyright music for YouTube”.

Change your thinking. There may be digital goods that have no free analogues, but in this case, you should not immediately look for it on pirated resources, but should collect money and only then buy it. Each of you has the resources and means to buy digital goods for yourself, do you have a computer or laptop, pay for the Internet? Do you pay for any services and goods? The same should be done on the Internet.

Tips for Beginner Motion Designers

Tip #2 Read the license

When you use (music, sounds, graphics, photos, videos, fonts, etc.) they are licensed. The license describes where and how you can use this file. Therefore, when you are looking for free files, you should pay attention to the license, whether this file can be used for commercial purposes or only for personal ones, whether it is possible to indicate authorship, for example, when using specific music, or you can do without authorship. To find files with the appropriate license, you should search Google for it, for example, “Free fonts for commercial use” (Free fonts for commercial use).

Tips for Beginner Motion Designers

Tip #3 Don’t plagiarize

When you create a design or an animated video, you should not plagiarize, copy other people’s work and present it as your own. Yes, you can be inspired by other people’s work, since at first you do not have enough experience to create really cool projects, but you cannot copy them completely. Being inspired and plagiarizing are two different things. You need to see this difference. When you mindlessly just copy other people’s ideas or work, then this is called “plagiarism”. “Inspired” is when you study the works of different authors, take some solutions from different works, and in the end do something of your own, that is, in this case, you use different works of different authors to learn something or collect solutions to eventually form something of your own.

Tips for Beginner Motion Designers

Tip #4 Use software with an English interface

The first and main reason why people use the Russian interface is simply the fear that they will not understand the program. But in fact, this is a mistake. They will not understand the program even if they install the Russian interface, because the program needs to be studied, like any other tool. That is, even if you put the Russian interface, it will not help you understand the program faster or better, moreover, on the contrary, it will prevent you from understanding the program, since 99% of the lessons on YouTube and on the Internet use the English interface of the program, therefore, in this case, Russian the interface, on the contrary, will prevent you from perceiving the video tutorials on the program normally. You will have to spend more time on lessons to translate the English interface into Russian and vice versa. When you use the English interface, you will be able to watch and understand even English-language lessons without knowing English, since you will understand everything that the author does in the video, since your interface is in the same language.

Another reason why you should use the English interface is that if you suddenly want to ask for advice on the program in some chat, in a group or on the forum, you need to explain your problem with the English interface of the program, since everything uses it .

Terminology is another reason why the English interface should be used. When you discuss or read other people’s comments, then half of the text will be incomprehensible to you, since people use the English version of the program, and accordingly they call everything in English, and you use the Russian version. It’s like speaking two different languages.

In general, in principle, in any direction, we can observe that the terms in some profession are the same in all countries and in different languages. This gives greater understanding between people, even if they speak different languages. A precarious example is medicine, where the terminology is the same in different languages. Therefore, if a program or profession originated in the English-speaking world, and all the terminology in it is in English, then translating all this is a waste of time and effort, as well as contributing to the complication of understanding between people speaking different languages.